The Uncomplicated Path to Foster Home Certification

The Uncomplicated Path to Foster Home Certification

Caring for and operating as a support system for foster children is an incredibly rewarding experience for parents in Kentucky. Your warm, loving home can be the perfect place to give a foster child a wonderful, stable life, and Kulima Care Family Services can help you get involved and make a difference. Our adoption agency is breaking down just how easy it is to receive foster home certification, and how you can take advantage of our parents' training programs to help these kids! Contact us today to get started!

How To Get Started As A Foster Parent
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Must Have Sufficient Family Income

A very important requirement to receive foster home certification lies in the financials. It is critical for the heads of a household to have a sufficient family income, enough to care for any foster children. Kulima Care Family Services understands how critical a role the household environment plays in the life of a young child, and this includes being able to provide everything from healthy meals to social engagement. It’s advisable to look over your finances and make sure your income is sufficient while you consider becoming a foster home or foster parent.

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Cleared Background Check

At Kulima Care Family Services, we believe the health, safety, and wellness of foster children is a very serious matter; it’s our goal to help place these kids into loving, stable environments where they can thrive and grow into strong young adults. With this in mind, foster home certification includes passing a background check, performed by our adoption agency and the proper authorities. Simply show us how your day-to-day routines work and we’ll ensure you’ll function as a strong support system for kids placed in your care.

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Complete Required Training Hours

It’s natural to have several questions about becoming a foster home through any sort of adoption agency. In order to help you be the best foster parents possible — and to make sure young foster kids are as happy and healthy as possible — our Kulima Care Family Services organization provides a number of resources; these include parent training, clinical support, and 24-hour crisis support. To help your home be certified as a foster home, we can provide you with the required training hours.

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Learn What Else You Need To Do To Receive Your Home Certification

It is a priority of our Kulima Care Family Services adoption agency to provide constant, thorough support for caregivers involved in our organization; you are the front-line of parenting and should have everything you need to help the foster child(ren) placed in your care. If you’re interested in getting foster home certification for your Kentucky area residence, simply reach out to us today to learn about all the necessary and recommended requirements. Our staff will work with you to ensure you have everything you need to become certified and to care for these kids.

Change Lives With Kulima Care Family Services Today!

Now is your chance to really make a difference in the lives of young children — by following the easy, uncomplicated path to foster home certification and foster parent training. Since 2016, Kulima Care Family Services has helped couples and other families in Louisville, Kentucky create stable home lives for children placed in their care. Learn more about our foster and adoption processes online today!