Four Rewarding Feelings of Being A Foster Parent

Four Rewarding Feelings of Being A Foster Parent

While fostering does have its challenges — including behavioral difficulties, inspections and qualifications, and of course the emotions that may fill your heart when your foster child is reunited with their biological parents or family members — it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. At Kulima Family Care Services, we are passionate about serving the family, whether foster, adoptive or biological, and providing critical resources to help people along their journey in navigating the Kentucky foster care system. Keep reading to learn more about the rewarding feelings of becoming a foster parent and contact us with any questions you may have.

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Giving Your Foster Child(ren) The Quality Of Life They Deserve

Foster children come from a variety of backgrounds, many of which are not pleasant and can involve cases of drugs, abuse, or other neglect. Becoming a foster parent opens your home and heart up to a child in need, providing them a safe environment to thrive.

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Being Able To Create Close Partnerships In Your Community

The saying “raising a child takes a village” also extends to foster care. When you take on the role of being a foster parent, Kulima Family Care Services helps connect you with the resources and partnerships you need within the community to provide your foster child with the love and support they deserve.

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A Purposeful Decision For You And Your Foster Child(ren)

Becoming a foster parent not only impacts the life of the child or children you are caring for but also gives your life purpose. Whether you were unable to have children, decided against having biological children, or if your children are grown, becoming a foster parent is a great way to live a purposeful, fulfilling life while making lifelong memories and connections.

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Knowing You Are Truly Helping Someone

As previously mentioned before, foster children may have had traumatic experiences that caused their removal from their biological parents and home. Many times a foster child enters the Kentucky foster care system with no more than the clothes on their back or a few personal belongings. As a foster parent, you are providing a safe, nurturing environment for a child who needs a positive environment while their biological parents are completing the necessary steps for their return. Foster care work allows you to help a child in need, with no expectation of payback or compensation other than knowing you were there for the child in their time of need.

Learn More From Kulima Care Family Services

Kulima Care Family Services is a full-service agency that seeks to provide children and youth with stable placements by recruiting and training qualified foster and adoptive parents. The staff provides home certification, case management, mental health assessments, clinical support, parent training, 24-hour crisis support, and more resources to help you become a successful foster parent. Learn why you need a home certification study, and begin your fostering journey today!